Faciltity Managment Team


Facility Management Team

  Facility Management Team  

The St. Thomas Facility Management Team (FMT) is comprised of volunteers, responsible for coordinating and planning the maintenance needs of St. Thomas Parish.  Team members pictured above (L to R): Bill Twohig, Jack Callahan, Paul Miller, Dave Breen, Keith Rivard (standing), Stu McFadden, John Rasmussen and Ken Naumann.  The FMT oversees the activities of several important teams including:

 Housekeeping Team - Jack Callahan, Team Leader    Lawn Care/Landscaping Team - Keith Rivard, Team Leader


 Floor Care Team - John Rasmussen, Team Leader     Heating/Cooling Team - Paul Miller, Team Leader


 Kitchen Team - Bill and Kathy Twohig, Team Leaders


Project List—08.20.2014

Following are some of the current projects being planned and managed by the Facility Management Team.  Please contact Phil Johnson, St. Thomas Business Manager, if you are interested in helping with one of these projects. 

  1. Clean outside rear entry (lower level) to PFLC, including windows, overhead lights, cobwebs, etc.  This should be done every two weeks. 
  2. Plant replacement sky pencil holly trees around the trash bin (9 total). 
  3. Trim dead wood from all Crepe Myrtle trees and top selected trees at 8’-10’ (must be done in September). 
  4. Use sandpaper and/or steel brush to remove loose paint from the benches on the island, then apply two coats of paint.  
  5. Use Gorilla Glue to repair rubber strip around the bottom side of one of the round tables in the Fellowship Hall.  Most tables have been done, but at least one table needs repaired. 
  6. Check copier on lower level of PFLC to see if it can be easily fixed……I believe the copier door spring is broken.  If we cannot fix it we can call Image Matters to repair.
  7.  Install wall racks in the chair/table closet in the Fellowship Hall for the brooms, mops and dustpans.  Make sure these items are neatly hung, yet easily accessible. 
  8. Thoroughly clean and arrange items on the stage.  Any items that will not be used again should be moved to the middle of the stage so we can throw away or donate to the Habitat store. 
  9. Sprinkle granulated ant killer on the bricks at the front entrances of the church and PLFC, then use a broom to make sure it gets in between the bricks.  This needs to be done periodically from spring through fall.
  10.  Collect the can light fixtures that are in the Fr. David closet, and place them with the other electrical items that are stored in the lower PFLC mechanical room.
  11.  The lower level mechanical room (PFLC) must be thoroughly cleaned, and items that are not used should be discarded or donated.  Items for a similar purpose should be stored together. 
  12. Create designated storage spaces on the lower level mechanical room shelves for electrical items, and plumbing items.  Label the areas. 
  13. Create a designated storage space in the lower mechanical room for all paint and painting   supplies.  If known, label all paint according to where/when it was used.  If paint appears too old or unusable, mark “throw away” and put it in a place where it can be collected and taken to an appropriate disposal station. 
  14. Create a list of all fire extinguishers in both buildings, including date of most recent inspection and exact location.  Be sure to check all rooms, including storage and maintenance areas. 
  15. Use the pressure sprayer to clean the concrete steps leading to the back of the PFLC, and also some of the sidewalks.  We can rent a scrubber attachment that can be connected to the pressure sprayer to make the job quicker, and reduce the chance of damaging the sidewalks. 
  16. Pressure wash the curb surrounding the island, inside the roundabout.  Also use the pressure sprayer to clean the walkway in front of the statue.  Use the weed trimmer to make sure the curbs are clean and neat.  The weed trimmer is located in the shed behind the rectory. 
  17. Clean the rock beds around the parking lot, especially the dead limbs under the River Birch trees. 
  18. Remove the rust from the metal posts (2) that hold the doors on the trash bin.  Also remove the rust from the metal posts (2) in front of the trash bin.  Paint these posts with a good rust inhibiting paint. 
  19. The corners of two concrete steps leading to the back of the PFLC need to be repaired.  Someone has already started the process by making forms around the corners of the steps so quick mix concrete can be poured.  I believe there is some Sakrete in the mechanical room. If not, we need to purchase some. 
  20. Repair baby changing tables in the church women’s restroom and the PFLC men’s restroom.  Both need to have working restraint straps.  
  21. Caulk around the PFLC kitchen floor drains—beside the ice machine and under the island.  Water tends to run down the outside of the drain lines and drips on the floor in the lower level mechanical room. 
  22. Thoroughly clean the fire sprinkler closet in back of church, near chapel.  It has a separate  exterior door entrance. 
  23. Replace the florescent light fixture in the PFLC lower level near entrance doors.  The plastic light cover is broken and I don’t believe we can get a replacement, without replacing the entire fixture.  I believe there are other fixtures that need replaced as well.
  24.  Replace receptacle cover in the Fellowship Hall located near the LCD projector.  Before replacing make sure to label the cover exactly as the broken cover is labeled.
  25. The conduit for the wire connecting the spotlights on the overhang in back of the PFLC needs to be replaced with exterior conduit, probably PVC. This will provide better waterproofing and also make the connections look much nicer.  Be very cautious not to damage the tarred roof. 
  26. Work on the storage room at the bottom of the steps in the PFLC.  The scout items must be compressed so they do not consume such a large storage area.  I’m sure some of the items in the storage area can be discarded or donated to Habitat (old tv’s, etc). 
  27. Replace any burned-out can lights in the PFLC and church.  There is a light removal/replacement tool in the closet where lights are stored (in corner of Fellowship Hall near stage entrance).
  28. Install shelving in the rectory garage.  When we get ready to do this we can determine the type and location of shelving. 
  29. The stone in certain places around the church and the PFLC needs to be cleaned, due to discoloration caused by mulch.  The stone around the garbage bin also needs cleaned. I think we need to apply a solution, then spray. 
  30. Paint the concrete wall surrounding the playground.  We already have the paint, and there should be heavy duty rollers with the paint supplies.  Before painting be sure to remove the mold from the wall using the pressure sprayer. 
  31. Clean the inside of the trash bin, including pressure spraying the walls.  After cleaning, paint another coat of paint on the inside walls.  Try to locate the paint that was previously used, or we can use the same paint that is available for the playground walls. 
  32. Paint the doors of the trash bin, or it we may have used a heavy stain.  If there is none left we’ll need to purchase more. 
  33. Paint metal doors at the entrance to the lower PFLC mechanical room (with separate entrance).  Also paint the metal doors that enter the additional storage area. 
  34. Paint the metal doors on the mechanical room that faces the playground area (close to youth room).

Weekly Tasks 

  1. All mats located at the entrances to both buildings must be thoroughly cleaned. 
  2. Clean each outside entrance to church and PFLC. 
  3. Check and refill all dispensers in all restrooms. Make sure restrooms are clean and well stocked before the weekend and prior to any special event in the PFLC.  Often volunteers clean during the week, but the restrooms need to be “touched-up” before the weekend. Typically the restrooms in the PFLC need more extensive cleaning than the church restrooms. 
  4. Clean floors in the Nave and narthex areas.  This is especially important following the weekend masses.  There are volunteers that assist with this effort, but please make sure the floors are cleaned.
  5. Check custodial closets in church and PFLC to make sure they are stocked with toilet tissue, facial tissue, soap and roll paper towels.  Also check to make sure other cleaners are available including toilet bowl cleaner, surface cleaner, glass cleaner and disinfectant.   Collect all dirty rags and place in a plastic bag for washing.  Vonnie Rivers picks up and cleans dirty rags periodically.