Caring for Our Parish


Among other projects, we are currently planning a very important improvements in our parish facilities. A maintenance building, especially for storage of equipment and supplies, and for repair and maintenance needs.  As our parish grows, these facility improvements have become more and more important.  We have completed the installation of the security system and your generous donations funded that project through the Capital Collection taken up in January. The Capital collection was not sufficient to fully fund the maintenance building so we hope to fund the building partially through the June Maintenance Fund Collection.

Planning for the maintenance building is underway, and it will require a significant financial commitment.  We hope to utilize as much volunteer help as possible in building the maintenance building, but the size and features of the garage will depend on financial support from our parish community. The plans for the building are in the church if you would like to see them and we have already received some very helpful feedback on the plans which we have taken into consideration.

These improvements are long overdue, and we thank you for your participation in making them happen.  Please be prayerful as you consider a generous gift to the Maintenance Fund.

If you would like to make a gift to the Maintenance Reserve fund which funds projects like this, click on the picture and it will take you to our WeShare online giving page.



Thank you for being part of the growing St. Thomas community!