Staff Member: Kasey Ross

Kasey Ross

Echo Program Apprentice
Phone: 865-986-9885
Email: Click Here to Email

Kasey is part of the Echo program for the University of Notre Dame. She will be working as one of the Catechists for the 4th grade RE class, helping with the CREED program, and helping to run the Edge program. She will be here for the next two years except during the summer of 2018, when she will return to Notre Dame to take summer courses for her Masters in Theology.
Kasey is originally from Enid, Oklahoma, where her family still resides. She attended Oklahoma State University and earned a BA in Strategic Communications with a minor in Philosophy.
Kasey was active in ministry during her years of undergrad, where she taught a third grade RE class and volunteered as a small group leader for the local youth group. She also prepared and led a weekly Bible study for her peers for three years.