Faciltity Managment Team


Facility Management Team

  Facility Management Team  

The St. Thomas Facility Management Team (FMT) is comprised of volunteers, responsible for coordinating and planning the maintenance needs of St. Thomas Parish.   The FMT oversees the activities of several important teams including:

Housekeeping Team 

Lawn Care/Landscaping Team - Keith Rivard, Team Leader 

Floor Care Team      

Heating/Cooling Team 

Kitchen Team - Bill and Kathy Twohig, Team Leaders 

Weekly Tasks 

  1. All mats located at the entrances to both buildings must be thoroughly cleaned. 
  2. Clean each outside entrance to church and PFLC. 
  3. Check and refill all dispensers in all restrooms. Make sure restrooms are clean and well stocked before the weekend and prior to any special event in the PFLC.  Often volunteers clean during the week, but the restrooms need to be “touched-up” before the weekend. Typically the restrooms in the PFLC need more extensive cleaning than the church restrooms. 
  4. Clean floors in the Nave and narthex areas.  This is especially important following the weekend masses.  There are volunteers that assist with this effort, but please make sure the floors are cleaned.
  5. Check custodial closets in church and PFLC to make sure they are stocked with toilet tissue, facial tissue, soap and roll paper towels.  Also check to make sure other cleaners are available including toilet bowl cleaner, surface cleaner, glass cleaner and disinfectant.   Collect all dirty rags and place in a plastic bag for washing.  Vonnie Rivers picks up and cleans dirty rags periodically.