Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos


Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos (NPH) is a Christian mission that strives to provide a permanent family and home for orphaned, abandoned and other at-risk children who live in conditions of extreme poverty.

St. Thomas has "adopted" the home in El Salvador in order to build relationships with the children, to provide financial assistance and support to NPH, and to increase awareness of NPH's mission. This ministry involves annual trips to the NPH home in El Salvador, fundraising efforts, and promoting the mission of NPH.

There are several ways to participate. First, is planning and participating in the annual trip to NPH El Salvador. Second, is to sponsor a child. Third, is to volunteer at sponsorship or fundraising drives. These drives help supplement cost of annual trips to NPH, El Salvador, fundraising events, and promoting the mission of NPH.

You can learn more about NPH by visiting their website at

To view a video from the children at NPH, click on the picture above.


One of the pequeños from NPH El Salvador, Juan Manuel, has a CD of original music written and performed by him. If you are interested in ordering The Sound of Gratitude, visit