St. Thomas the Apostle provides meaningful opportunities to guide adult parishioners in their faith journey, including Bible study, prayer, spiritual and personal growth, the lives of the saints; and formats, including men's and women's groups, group studies, missions, book clubs, small groups, and on-line programs through, among others. 

New Programs Starting

A new year and new opportuinities to learn more about our Catholic faith. Here is a listing of classes that are starting up. 

Romans: The Gospel of Salvation. Thursday, 9:15-10:45 AM, Room 118, starting Jan. 5. Contact Rosemary Stanczuk.

Matthew: The King and His Kingdom-Part 2. Wednesday, 9:30-11:00 AM, Deacon Jose Room, starting Jan. 11. Contact Jim and Charla Norgaard.

The Prohpets: Messengers of God. Tuesday, 9:15-10:30 AM, Room 118, starting Jan. 10. Men's Group. Contact Stu McFadden.

The Mindful Catholic. Monday, 11:30 AM-12:45 PM, starting Jan. 9 or Thursday, 9:30-11 AM, starting Jan. 12. Contact Deacon David Lucheon.


Volunteers Needed!

You’ve probably benefitted from the many Adult Faith Formation programs…whether it’s Community Connections, or our recent Beyond Sunday parish mission, or a small group program, or maybe just the online materials sent through our regular Flocknotes.

That’s been made possible by volunteers…and now it is your turn to consider helping!

We have many ways to be a part of bringing Christ to others through our parish Adult Faith Formation (AFF) activities.  All are very manageable time-wise with training provided and we can work with your schedule.

Some areas where we need your help:

  • Review new programs: watch new video-based programs and write a one-page review
  • Help with special events: various jobs such as registration, greeting, and promotion
  • Post AFF events on the parish website: monthly updates for new AFF programs

There are also leadership roles on the Adult Faith Formation Committee if that is your strength and the area where you would like to contribute.

You can play a part in keeping our Adult Faith Formation programs vibrant and widely available to the parish. Please prayerfully consider how you might help!

For more information or to volunteer, please contact Warren Hunt at [email protected] or (724) 759-0211 or Arlene Maresca at [email protected] or (865) 986-9885.

Adult Faith Formation Ministries

Tuesday Men's Group
The Tuesday Men's Group provides a setting when men can deepen their understanding of the Catholic faith. Areas covered are consistent with Adult Faith Formation (AFF) and include Bible study, Church history, the saints, prayer, the sacraments, and personal spiritual growth. 
Ministry Contact: Stu McFadden/865-458-3911

Book Club
Parishioners meet monthly to discuss a book that has been selected for the month's discussion. Titles are centered around various aspects of the Catholic faith designed to help participants come to a better and deeper understanding of their Catholic faith.
Ministry Contact: Donna Maloney/865-317-0368

Small Faith Communities
These groups help parishioners continue their faith journey through discussions. The materials used are consistent with Adult Faith Formation. Typically meetings take place in a parishioner's home.
Ministry Contact: Jack McElligott/(630) 780-8419

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Lead Contact:
Arlene Maresca, Director of Religious Education
865-986-9885, Ext. 15
[email protected]