St. Thomas the Apostle provides meaningful opportunities to guide adult parishioners in their faith journey, including Bible study, prayer, spiritual and personal growth, the lives of the saints; and formats, including men's and women's groups, group studies, missions, book clubs, small groups, and on-line programs through, among others. These programs are available to all St. Thomas parishioners. The St. Thomas Adult Faith Formation team identifies and reviews potential programs, recruits and supports program and small group leaders,  and provides logistics and staffing for one-time events, including parish missions, guest speakers, and performers.

We encourage parishioners to make suggestions for adult faith programs that will enable all to grow in their faith and we invite all adults to attend our programs.

Coming soon:  Adult Faith Formation Class Schedule

Jill St. Yves, Director of Religious Education
865-986-9885, Ext. 15
[email protected]