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Dream Baby Dream

Posted by Kevin Cooney on 7/07/14

“We gotta keep the light burnin…we gotta keep the fire burnin…” sings Bruce Springstreen in a cover of the post punk band Suicide’s Dream Baby Dream.

It’s a song that repeats a mantra of hope and builds gradually as an organ fuels the feeling of working to make our ... Read More »

They said sit down, I stood up

Posted by Chris Lucheon on 6/25/14

When I was growing up in North Jersey and attending Catholic school, there was another kid down near the shore going through the same “Sisterly” indoctrination in our faith based education.

The Dominicans at St. Catherine of Siena were tough, but I wasn’t sent home with a note that ... Read More »

Changes in Latitude...Changes in Attitude

Posted by Kevin Cooney on 6/20/14

                      Changes in Latitude…Changes in Attitude

When we first moved here in 2008, we usually went to 9:00 am mass. There always seemed to be much to do on Sunday, so an early start seemed like a good idea.

... Read More »

I'm On Fire

Posted by Kevin Cooney on 5/30/14

And last but not least…

Last but not least…

How about celebrating the Feast of St Thomas The Apostle on July 3 with………..are ya ready/….are ya sittin down?....


Celebrate St. Thomas Family Campout!!!

Beg, borrow, or steal a tent and pick ya a spot on the lawn next ... Read More »


Posted by Kevin Cooney on 5/30/14


Last Wednesday, Fr. Antonio had trouble saying his vespers cause of the sound of 25 soccer players outside his window.

Our first Soccer Academy met from 7-8:30 under the tutelage of Coach Roberto Medina and his assistant Coach Jack Dienhart.

The group was divided by age and spent ... Read More »

From Small Things, Big Things One Day Come

Posted by Kevin Cooney on 5/30/14

From Small Things, Big Things One Day Come

My wife and I spent Mothers’ Day planting our garden. This is only the second year for me doing this and I am always amazed that a few little corn seeds dropped in a furrow of dirt can result in rows ... Read More »

Faith Will Be Rewarded

Posted by Kevin Cooney on 5/15/14

                                             Faith Will Be Rewarded

There is an old saying in the world of baseball…“Sometimes you win; sometimes you lose; sometimes you get rained out!”

I was reminded of that after our first ... Read More »

The Boss… or…The BOSS ?

Posted by Kevin Cooney on 4/25/14

Back in February, I was thrilled to get good news on two fronts. St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church had decided to create a Sports and Family Ministry and wanted me to head it. The other news was that Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band would play in ... Read More »