The Custodial/Housekeeping group is responsible for the general cleaning of our facilities; Church, PFLC and offices. The duties include; cleaning floors, dusting all surfaces, cleaning windows, cleaning and refilling supplies for all restrooms, and other cleaning projects such as shampooing carpets and setting up for meetings and events. Volunteers come and clean when they can. We are attempting to develop teams that will work together to clean a specific area on a scheduled basis.

We really need additional men to operate the scrubber and buffer we use to clean the hard surface floors. Please contact Phil Johnson for more information 865-986-9885. 

Floor Maintenance Group - PFLC & Church     

Tasks & Schedule 

The “Floor Maintenance Group” cleans and maintains the hard surface floors in the PFLC and Church.  This includes the hall floor, staff workroom, entry quarry tile area, classroom tile areas, lower level entry, stairs and stairwell and bathrooms as needed.  

The hall is usually swivel swept, dry mopped and spot wet mopped and tables and chair straightened every Monday. At least once a month the floor is cleaned with Big Blue the scrubber/vac machine.  Once a month the hall floor is sprayed with spot shine wax and buffed. 

The church tile floors are cleaned every week on Tuesday or Wednesday depending on the church and team member’s schedules. We do wherever the Big Blue machine can be driven.  The restrooms are usually done by hand with the help of Big Blue. The closets and side rooms are not being done and the old kitchen is checked but only cleaned twice a year with Big Blue. We will spot mop as needed and hand scrub when spots are noticed. We also mop the church pew areas as needed but at least twice a month. 

John will email the workday dates to team members and ask them to email back dates that they are available to work and John will make a schedule and publish that to the team. We start at 10:30 AM and work until done which is usually about two hours. We can always use additional help!

Your commitment would consist of working for approximately 2 hours, twice a month, on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. You would be scheduled at least 2 weeks ahead of your first workday for a two month period of time.  John Rasmussen would be happy to answer any questions that you have. 865.458.8879 or [email protected] 

Housekeeping—Our custodial/housekeeping volunteers are responsible for the general cleaning of our church, Family Life Center, classrooms and offices.  Volunteers work together to perform a variety of tasks such as dusting, cleaning floors, windows, restrooms and other areas.  They play an extremely important role in keeping our facilities beautiful and ready for use.

For information on how you can become part of our housekeeping team please contact Phil Johnson.