A quick reference to St. Thomas the Apostle ministries

Faith Formation Ministries

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Ministry Contact Phone Email
Adult Faith Formation Front Office


Book Club Donna Maloney 865-317-0368 [email protected]
Men's Group-Tuesday Stu McFadden 865-458-3911 [email protected]
Religious Education Front Office 865-986-9885  
RCIA- Becoming Catholic Edie Shanahan 865-308-3406 [email protected]
Small Church Groups Jack McElligott 630-780-8419 [email protected]
Youth Ministry Joel Studer 865-986-9885, Ext 114 [email protected]

Liturgical Ministries

Ministry Contact Phone Email
Altar Servers Michele Pubillones 865-985-2663 [email protected]
Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion Michele Pubillones 865-985-2663 [email protected]
Homebound Ministry Tim Geoghegan 321-482-1413 [email protected]
Lectors Michele Pubillones 865-985-2663 [email protected]
Music Ministry Marla Emerson 865-986-9885, Ext. 117 [email protected]
Sacristans- English Michele Pubillones 865-985-2663 [email protected]
Ushers Evelyn Edwards 865-250-6130 [email protected]

Prayer Ministries

Ministry Contact Phone Email
Eucharistic Adoration Michele Pubillones 865-985-2663 [email protected]
Prayer Requests Marlene Eeg   [email protected]
Women's Prayer Group Marlene Eeg 865-308-3406 [email protected]

Parish and Community Service Ministries

Ministry Contact Phone Email
Arts and Environment Sara Garlutzo 303-903-2041 [email protected]
Bereavement/Funeral Planning Barbara Brennan 865-458-8922  
Church Grounds Randy Tarpley 865-986-9885, Ext. 122 [email protected]
Food Service Support Ministry Larry Elder 865-657-9722 [email protected] 
Friendship Kitchen Curt Sheldon 865-458-8510 [email protected]
Junta Pastoral Brenda Gonzalez 865-986-9885, Ext. 110 [email protected]
Kitchen/Funeral Reception Kathy Twohig 865-408-9783 [email protected]
Knights of Columbus Kenan Guarino 603-443-7840 [email protected]
Respect Life Kay Sheldon 865-742-7557 [email protected]
Rosary Makers Pam Geoghegan 321-482-9668 [email protected]
Safety and Security John David Curry 423-802-1167 [email protected]
Stephen Ministries

Tom Ringenbach

Sue Courtney



[email protected]

[email protected]

St. Thomas Council of Catholic Women Mary Beth Bruss 865-408-9611 [email protected]
St. Vincent de Paul Society Jeff Kirk 865-816-7765 [email protected]
Welcoming Committee Tim Geoghegan 321-482-1413 [email protected]
Widow's Support Group Angela Winchlinski 865-567-6002 [email protected]
Catholic Prison Ministry- Men Deacon Rafael Pubillones 865-458-6111 [email protected]
Good Samaritan Center Evelyn Edwards 865-986-1777, Ext. 12 [email protected]
KAIROS Prison- Men Stu McFadden 865-458-3911 [email protected]
KAIROS Prison- Women Donna Maloney 865-317-0368 [email protected]
Nuestros Pequenos Hermanos- NPH Jan McFadden 865-458-3911 [email protected]