Respect Life Ministry

The Respect Life Ministry is dedicated to celebrating and defending the sacredness of human life from conception to natural death.  The ministry provides parishioners with accurate information and educational resources on the life issues being confronted in society.  It seeks to make our parish a place of assistance to women, men and families, including:

  • those facing difficulties because of pregnancy
  • those raising infants and toddlers
  • those recovering from previous abortions
  • those experiencing disabilities
  • those working through aging and end of life decisions

“Even the weakest and most vulnerable, the sick, the old, the unborn and the poor are masterpieces of God's creation.”    ---  Pope Francis


Heavenly father, every person is created by you and in your image because you love us.  Each one of us has something important that is different from every other person.  May we always remember that each person – whether unborn, youth, parent, disabled, aging, rich, poor - is your beautiful, unique creation.  May we always cherish our own lives and the lives of all others.  In Jesus' name we ask this prayer.   Amen